Do Black Men have the Right to Bear Arms in America?


Guns are a huge part of American culture. I cannot flip through the channels on my TV without seeing someone pointing the business end of a firearm into somebody else’s face.  Fiction mirrors real life. America is armed to the teeth and we know this through various statistics from guns sales to the incidence of gun violence. Even with all of this evidence, I feel as though gun fun is not allowed to be enjoyed by certain segments of American society. Black men do not get the same liberties as their white counterparts.

In the last few months, black men have been gunned down by cops because the officers said they posed a threat, and that they were carrying guns. I could go deep into who actually had a gun, who didn’t and who a license to carry. I will spare you that deep dive, because if the 2nd Amendment applied equally to everybody, the fact that they may have had a gun would be besides the point.

Now, let’s say the Police were acting in self defense. The cops have the right to protect themselves. However, no individual is protecting him/herself if they are shooting at a fleeing adversary. That is being the aggressor. No individual is protecting him/herself if they shoot at an individual before a weapon is drawn. That is being an aggressor, and they should be tried for manslaughter and maybe murder.

My father has a concealed firearm permit and he uses it. He is a black man, like Philando Castile who also had a concealed firearm permit. The acknowledgement of this permit by the officer who pulled Philando over had adverse affect on the situation. Philando was a threat that needed to be eliminated, regardless of whether he was legally allowed to carry that gun. The officer had no faith in Philando in not acting in an aggressive manner, so they shot first and asked questions later.  I could picture one of the multiple times  I’ve witnessed my own father get pulled over, and he could have easily shared Philando’s fate.

So what can you do? Maybe the cops need to have better training. Maybe cops need to be held accountable for their mistakes. Maybe black people shouldn’t carry guns. Tell me, what is the reasonable solution?



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