Prince: The Love Symbol


On April 21st, Prince Rogers Nelson left us in body but not in spirit. That afternoon, millions across the globe mourned his lost and celebrated his life. As I went through my day bearing witness to the various displays of emotions by almost everyone I encountered, one emotion that caught me off guard was gratitude.

I have been a Prince fan since the age of 10. That is when my step-mother made me a Prince mixtape after hearing me rave on about TLC’s cover of “If I was your Girlfriend”. The mixtape was heavy on songs from the Dirty Mind album, Purple Rain and Lovesexy. I was immediately hooked. Secretly, I was inspired to create some sort of music that smitten others has Prince’s music had done to me. Not so secretly, I became a unapologetic Prince junkie, spreading the gospel of Prince to anyone who would listen. When Prince passed, I felt a void somewhere. It was hard to understand. That was until I acknowledge how blessed I was to be on the same planet as he was.  I come to understand to what extent that I wasn’t alone.

On Facebook,  friends of mine, whom I may not have spoken to in years recounted their earliest Prince memories. They typically began as” I wasn’t a Prince fan until my friend, Brandon convinced me of how awesome he was”. Each message ended with a token of gratitude for having Prince in their life and for me introducing him to them. I took to heart a valuable lesson from Prince in his passing. We are defined by what we love.

Prince’s love for music and people transcended his immediate circle and touched the world. We will always remember him because of it. Prince will always be synonymous with music, his passion. I will be forever grateful if I am remembered by what and who I loved. That would be the Princely way to live.



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