Why I am “Bernie or Bust”…


I have been following the Presidential primary season like nobodies business. Seriously, I have to bring my phone into the restroom on primary Tuesday to check what the results in Wisconsin were with 47% of the precincts reporting. As Bernie Sanders rack up win after win, the corporate media continues the narrative that he is unelectable and he is delaying Clinton’s ability to pivot to the general election. This Clinton inevitability forced me to re-examine my thoughts on Hillary and the type of leader she would be. My conclusion was Bernie or bust.

I put aside Hillary’s vote on the Iraq war, her support of the Defense of Marriage Act, her support of NAFTA and TTP. I also put aside her comments concerning young black super predators and her coziness to Wall Street. All of the those distinctions alone would make her ineligible for my vote, however the most egregious thing she has done was deny all of those positions. She pretends she never supported any of those positions. Sexist Bernie Sanders has poisoned my mind against her. Hillary was the only candidate that had my back and she can get things done unlike her fake democratic opponent.

I cannot trust or support a liar. Hillary Clinton is by definition a liar. This is from Merriam-Webster’s dictionary

Liar: a person who tells lies

See, that is Hillary Clinton. If you don’t believe me click here!  I can’t vote for a liar in good conscience. I cannot strategically vote for her because I have no faith in what she believes in. As a democratic socialist, she offers nothing for me. If I was a liberal, I couldn’t trust her. This is why I am Bernie or bust.



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