Will President Obama’s Legacy Label Him Our “GAYbraham Lincoln?”

obama Lincoln

 Last Friday, the Supreme Court confirmed the right of all Americans to get married. Many of us are still celebrating across the country at various Pride events and flying multicolored flags high. It’s been a slow march to equality from the Stonewall Inn and many more battles to fight, however in this moment of time how much credit do we give to the leadership of President Obama?

Prior to President Obama, not many Presidents took up the cause of LGBT rights. After the awareness of the Gay Liberation Movement of the 60’s/70’s, Ronald Reagan was absent on the AIDS epidemic of the 80’s, President Clinton passed the Defense of Marriage Act and enforced Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. By time 2006 came around, President George W. Bush supported legislature in the States to define marriage as between one man and one woman. America was not looking good for LGBT rights. Then came Obama.

By 2008, LGBT open representation was even more common in the mainstream media, the workplace and increasingly in every facet of American life.  Obama, from the beginning of his time in office, was aware of this and shortly after entering office ended the practice of “Don’t ask don’t tell,”  and quit enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act that was later deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Prior to the 2012 Election, Obama came out in favor of Marriage Equality and won re-election. As marriage equality cases were making their way through the court, the President remained on the side of equal rights. And now as of June 26th, 2015, Gay Marriage is the law of the land, giving us the night the White House was colored in rainbow stripes.

Happy May Day!!


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