Feeling the Bern!!


As soon as Bernie Sanders announced that he was running for president, we could not wait to get involved! In Atlanta, there is a group of dedicated supporters working on hosting an event on Sunday at Manuel’s Tavern, which looks like it will have a sizable turnout and even some media presence (the rest of the country does seem to be shocked when the South shows any progressive support, so I suspect that will be the gist of any articles that come out after this meeting).

I’m happy to be working on something so exciting, and look forward to watching the campaign play out, but I do feel a little unsure about what our short and long term goals are. At this point (admittedly very early in the process), I see a real lack of strong vision/leadership but that is offset by conviction and dedication. I guess hopefully leadership emerges at some point and we are able to really kick some ass.

I wonder how we can best harness enthusiasm and resources? How do we get people involved in ways that are high-impact? Or is it enough at this point to be hosting rallies and encouraging fellowship and community? I’m going to try and talk to some of my friends that worked on the Obama campaign in the early days to see if we can apply some of their wisdom to our efforts. We have got to be strategic and tough, because the opposition certainly will be and they are motivated by far more sinister things.



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