A Defense of Grace… Socialist Style!!

fight for 15!!

 I came across an article the other day, that happened to be posted by one of my more right-wing friends on Facebook. I could tell by the title that the article was very critical of the Fight for $15 movement. My friend proclaimed that the article had a ” Good point”, so I bit. The point the author made was” Who do these fast food workers think they are to deserve 15 dollars an hour?”. That statement rubbed me the wrong way for a few reasons.

I could spend time arguing that these are people who are exploited and work too hard to be paid so little they need to be on government assistance. However, I would like to talk about Grace. I would like to talk about the type of grace that is shared among all people. Grace is not only an act, or attitude but a way of being. Grace can be as simple as having a disposition towards kindness and courtesy. It can also be mercy. So what would happen if we as people gave each other more grace?

We would treat others the way we want to be treated. Fairness would be a virtue. If someone struggled with a problem, whether it be an addiction or providing for their family, we would help as opposed to create barriers that keep them from helping themselves. We would assume goodwill in each other until proven otherwise. Also, we should give grace to ourselves, because we are all worthy of love and we can’t give grace or love if we have not experienced its power.

In the situation of workers and corporations, these institutions would value the people who work together for their collective success.Those who run the corporations would understand that paying employees is the cost of business and paying them a living wage is just the right thing to do. Wages are not charity but a reflection of the energy one puts in on the behalf of another’s vision. Unfortunately, larger corporations are responsible to their shareholders and not their employees. Profit over people wins again. But there is another way. Grace. And as far as I am concerned, democratic socialism has grace in spades.



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