Right to Work Legislation Leads to the Nomination…


 I have a prediction. Scott Walker will win the Republican Party nomination. Why you might ask? Because Scott Walker will be the beneficiary of much of the 900 million dollars the Koch brothers pledge to raise. With the signing of “Right to Work” legislation and his proposed state budget, Walker has displayed his commitment to free-market and union busting ideals which endears him to the Kochs.

 Scott Walker’s proposed state budget for the fiscal year is an ALEC wet dream. With Wisconsin facing a 2 billion dollar shortfall,  Walker took advantage of this to slash education spending by 300 million dollars. He has also opened Downer Woods, a preserved woodland on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus, to development. He is essentially privatizing Wisconsin’s long term care system. His budget expands the school voucher system, which undermines public schools in favor of the education entrepreneurs. He added a provision in the budget to drug test people who apply for or have Badgercare (State Healthcare), foodshare programs and unemployment insurance.  Oh, and college campuses no longer have to provide students with information on sexual assault or report sexual assault statistics to the state Department of Justice.

The Wisconsin House of Assembly and Senate is controlled by Republicans which almost guarantees that the Koch/Walker agenda will be implemented. On the campaign, Walker can claim that he is a tough fighter that got things done in Wisconsin. If he doesn’t continue to completely suck on foreign policy his accent into the nomination is almost certain. I hope that I am ultimately proven wrong.



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