Why the Democrats are Losers… And Why They are Ill- Suited for the Left.


   The Democrats lost the midterm elections in 2014 and the only people they can blame are themselves. While the Republicans are popping champagne in front of the warm glow of Fox News on the television, we all hear excuses abound from the Democrats. We heard that the Democrats had an unpopular President, have to play defense on so many states, and that Democrats didn’t excite the base to come out and vote. Well, they were wrong on all fronts. Here is why the Democrats are losers.

1. They separated themselves from their own success.

Despite four years of economic growth, the spread of marriage equality,  falling unemployment, and with Wall St. trading at near record highs, most Democrats ran away from their successes when they ran away from their President. Especially the Southern politicians (Here’s looking at you, Clay Aiken!). The follow up excuse was that the American people don’t feel the economy improving. That is why making the issue of solving income inequality would have been beneficial to their cause. Argue that the economy is growing, now it is time to make it fair.

2. Nobody plays offense anymore.

How can you send a message of moving forward to make Americans’ lives better when you are backpedaling? Someone tell me what did any of the loser Democrats campaign in favor of? Minimum wage? Most Americans are for it but not many democrats made it a cornerstone of their campaign. Building roads and infrastructure? Not at all!! Running on having nothing to do with the President? You betcha!!

3. Lack of party unity.

This is what the Republicans do well. They move in lock step to things that they value, whether it is abortions, tax cuts or corporate welfare. The Democrats have not displayed such party discipline and moreover have an eagerness to move towards the center and towards corporatism and away from traditional party values.

4. Corporatism is leading the Democrats away from its base on the Left towards business and money.

When the Democrats were running things in the post- New Deal era, they were the party in favor of social justice and human rights. Now, some of the most prominent Democrats are war hawks of the highest order, in favor violating weak nations sovereignty in the name of American interest, under the guise of terrorism. The fight for equal pay for women, and fighting the battle against voter discrimination has been tepid at best. Both are casualties of the Democrats pursuit of sweet corporate dollars.

All of these things are horrible but there is hope. Let’s get back to the values that have made the party successful in the past. The party can return to speaking about a vision for America where all Americans are paid a living wage, have access to quality healthcare, safe roads and where the people’s civil liberties are respected.

Happy May Day!!


2 thoughts on “Why the Democrats are Losers… And Why They are Ill- Suited for the Left.

  1. As far as I’m concerned, the “two-party system” ITSELF is a fundamental impediment to social progress in this country. That’s something the Socialists who ran Milwaukee understood. Although this cartoon’s from Canada, it’s equally applicable to our own biennial electoral farce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqgOvzUeiAA

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