The Victims of the NFL Witch Hunt


The NFL is bogged down by a barrage of controversy. It seems like almost every Sunday there is a new story about another player involved in misconduct off the field.  However incorrect the media makes it appear (as if the NFL’s main source of players comes from our nation’s correctional facilities), this focus takes attention away from the real victims: the families that are ruined by public scrutiny. I would first like to acknowledge that domestic violence is a negative force in society and very un-socialist. What I object to with the NFL’s handling of the Ray Rice incident is the double jeopardy of being punished twice for the same misdeed. Due process, however unfair the outcome may be, should not be undermined by media frenzy or mob rule.

As a result, Ray Rice’s family has lost their primary bread winner. His wife came out to the media,  expressing that they destroyed her life. She might have been thinking about how she was going to pay the mortgage.

Adrian Peterson has also been caught up in the NFL Witch Hunt.  Yes, he spanks his child. He left marks on that child and that is unacceptable behavior. However incorrect, he also lost the means to support that child and I think it is safe to assume nobody in the media will step in and help that child.
So as a society, what are we to do? Shall we continue to cast shame upon individuals that violate our sensibilities, or shall find a way to help victim and perpetrator alike?



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