An Un-Merry Christmas…

 The end of the year is upon us and Wednesday we will all be exchanging Merry Christmas and Season Greetings (for those of us waging war on Christmas). In this special time let us take time away from our immediate lives to reflect upon those who are less fortunate than we are. These individuals maybe in our families, our friends, or maybe our favorite server or bartender. All of which have someone to love and support and may not have the means to do so. Let’s remember a large part of what our lot in life is largely based on circumstance and we have the compassion to relate to other’s plight. Charles Dickens wrote in the Christmas Carol that we were all “Fellow travelers to the grave”or in other words we are in this together.Regardless of our success or lack their of, we all should work for a just and equitable society.And if you believe it is the responsibility of the individual to make their own live better, then let’s advocate for a living wage for all.

Merry Christmas,


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