Why Aren’t We Concerned with Racism Anymore?

 I was recently on Yahoo!! News reading a fluff piece on Michelle Obama showing off the South Side of Chicago to NATO wives in town for the conference. I love Chicago, so any opportunity to read about someone educating others on the greatness of the Windy City I am compelled to read. The article itself was well written and slight boring, however I was disturbed by what I read on the comment section:
This woman can have all the education she wants and apparently has – it does not help her mentality – she has a ghetto mentality – she has never grown above it and it shows in every remark that comes out of that ugly mouth. You cannot be graceful and classy if you dont have the breeding and graciousness that is needed to have class. She has neither. She is simply a black woman, that got an education on the back of american taxpayers and has used it to spit the people that paid for her education in the face. She is a low class woman and always will be. It does not matter what clothes she wears, what makeup she puts on and what parties she throws. And these Hollywood weirdoes that support them are all morons and morally bankrupt people.”
                                                                   ~Maria C

Poor white kids have had to give up jobs, college , etc., for decades to provide for people like Michelle Obama and Obama. The rich and taxpayers are leaving this country in droves. The fleas are killing the dog they feed off of.”
                                                             ~ Victor

did michelle have some bro’s hiding out of sight so they could rob the ladies. did she show them where the black gang murdered the honor student because he was to smart for a black, and planned on embarrassing blacks by attending college. maybe she showed them where oprah and her had planned to hold the olympics, and some of the new events they were going to introduce, robbery, rape, murder, assault, mayhem, guess who her and barack’s daddy are!!!!!! they are just so gifted for idiots!!! she is as disgusting as barack, maybe just a little dumber! these fools should be deported to Africa where they belong and are from!!!”
                                                              ~ Da Man

I normally wouldn’t put this type of dialogue up for discussion but this time its different. This language was filled with hurt, scarcity and a general sense that the resources of America were being co-opted by others less deserving. Unfortunately, what these individuals lack in logic and general knowledge of government they made up for in bigotry and disrespect for the Obamas.

 I am saddened that language overtly endorsing the notion that blacks are inferior and are not fit to be in America, still exist in our modern dialogue. I only hope that the internet only provides a louder voice for a few nutballs as opposed to allowing an anonymous voice for large segment of Americans to show their true colors.

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