From Wisconsin with Hope…

This week I have returned to my native homeland, Wisconsin!! However, my return has been bittersweet concerning the current political climate. As you may know, Wisconsin in is in the middle of its recall effort to remove Scott Walker from office. Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee has been selected as the democratic candidate to defeat Walker. I believe Tom Barrett is a very competent leader and has what it takes to right the wrongs of Walker, but I am very scared. The cause for my alarm is that Scott Walker has a shit ton of money.
This money Scott Walker raised reportedly has its origins from business interest out of state and they have already started the onslaught of negative ads and propaganda. What scares me is Walker’s financial ability to repeat the lies designed to blur the doings of his administration. His financial ability to distort history and reality. Because the Republicans know if you repeat the lie consistently with conviction they can blur the truth. If they successfully blur the truth, they win. I just hope that the democrats find an answer to the lies. I hope they can counter the lie that destroying public unions were to balance the budget was really just a ploy to reverse the progress of Wisconsin’s rich Labor history. I hope they see away to end Wisconsin’s contraction of jobs because Wisconsinites deserve leadership towards prosperity. I wish Barrett luck and a hearty Forward Wisconsin!! 

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