Happy May Day!!

 Happy May Day to all the workers around the world!!  Today is a celebration of those who fought and maybe loss their lives so that we can enjoy the fruits of their labor. These courageous individuals stood up so that we could have 8 hour day, overtime, the right to strike and safe working conditions just to name a few. May Day is also the perfect time to reflect on how fragile those rights are and how we must be vigil to protect them.
  This May Day maybe one of the most important one in recent memories. We have the effects of the austerity movement in Europe,the Republican assaults on unions in Wisconsin and Ohio, and the congressional GOP’s goal to end closed shops in America as we know it. Workers are in trouble and we need to all take notice. This is bigger than the Occupy Movement, or the Tea Party Movement. The loss of workers’ rights could fundamentally change the lifestyle of millions of Americans. Those good old days of worker abuse and child labor weren’t as good as we remember. We must make sure we fight so that we can  move forward toward prosperity for all.

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