What’s the Deal with Education?

  With this political season in high gear, the candidates in the Republican and Democratic Parties are both making a big deal about education. Now, the cynics out there will say that they are pandering to the youth vote and to some degree that is correct. However all is not well on the higher education front. So the question at hand is what is the problem with higher education and what should be done?
  I believe the problem with higher education is money and access to college. Now, when I mention money, I am referring to the corrupting agent that turns an institution of higher learning’s focus away from the education   of its students towards profit. Money is what motivates public universities to continually build extra fieldhouses and administrative buildings that do not contribute to the students’ education. Money is what motivates for-profit universities or vocational school to skimp on the qualifications of their faculty and employ  very manipulative sales tactics to attract students. Throughout this entire process the students’ tuition increases to pay for all out this. Most student will take out student loans to pursue their degrees or vocations and those very loans which were exclusively in the domain of the government, to some degree has been privatized. 
  Now, I have always believed you do not always have to reinvent the wheel and solutions are a lot closer than you realize. The Obama Administration attempted to do something to curb the amount of students who drop out by making schools accountable for how many graduate a find employment. Schools who don’t live up to the standards in place, will be of risk of losing Title 4 funding. That means they lose ability to offer their student federal financial aid. It will suck immensely for an institution to lose that funding. I also believe it would also force schools to dedicate more of their revenue towards the students education. However this not strong enough. Here’s idea: The federal government should mandate that students have a yea or nay vote on items that are not directly affecting their education as far expenditures by the school goes. Students should be mailed a detail list of the school’s expenditures. That will also allow the students to be more involved with their education.
  Another idea would involve a concept the State of Georgia has in place for their students. Yes I did say the State of Georgia. If America is not ready for Universal Education up to the doctorate level because people don’t want to pay for it. How about we put in place a national lottery in which the funds will go towards paying college tuition? It sounds like a practical idea to me…

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